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Learn what goes into starting your own profitable business. This workbook includes exercises, worksheets and checklists to get you started.

What's Included?

  • SWOT Analysis template that walks you through how to identify your brand's strengths, weaknesseses, opportunities and threats.

  • Introduction to investing, including how to start investing and essential resources for those new to investing in their business.

  • Exercises on how begin budgeting your finances. Also includes tips on how to identify your financial goals and track your finances. Also outlines different types of budgeting.

  • Accounting basics that provides an overview of accounting terms, definitions, specifics and programs you can use to make the accounting part of your business easier and more seamless.

  • Learn about the different types of legal entities for small businesses based on what you're looking to sell and accomplish.

  • Learn how to create a marketing plan and develop your brand strategy.

  • Strategic planning to help you outline your long-term brand plans.

  • And more

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